Blog by Raam Shanker

Global EV adoption event welcomes Raam Shankar as panellist

Equitus Founder Raam Shankar is a panellist at TiE Delhi’s NCR event.

EV Charging: Accelerating EV Adoption is a gathering of members from various TiE chapters around the world.

It comes after Raam, as Equitus World CEO, recently delivered a design validation of battery racks for Magtec, the UK’s largest manufacturer of electric and range-extended vehicle drive systems.

Other speakers at TiE Delhi’s NCR webinar presented by Cleantech SIG include Tejas Kusurkar, Co-founder, CEO Offgrid Energy Labs, Ilan Ben David, Co-founder, CTO Chakratec and Rakesh Malhotra, SAR Group, Luminous, Livpure, Livguard and Ncubate Capital.

The event aims to bring together practitioners and thought leaders of innovative technologies, novel solutions and their encompassing energy infrastructure to discuss this pressing challenge.

It will be moderated by Ritu Verma, Co-founder, Managing Partner Ankur Capital and will also focus on overcoming the key challenge of demand for innovative charging and charge-management solutions as the decarbonisation of the transport sector continues.

TiE Delhi NCR’s webinar EV Charging: Accelerating EV Adoption takes place on Wednesday, February 23.